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Summary / Temperature Wind Rain Cloud Level
Sunny, Dry Sunny, Dry
Currently: 3.6°C, Max: 3.6°C, Min: -2.2°C 3.6°C  1.8°C Warmer than one hour ago


Feels like: 2°C

24-hr difference
-0.7°C 0.7°C Colder than yesterday
Outdoor temp.
Today Yesterday
High: 3.6°C
Low: -2.2°C
Average: 0.0°C
Average temp.
2018  2007-17  
0.5°C  0.6°C above 1961-90 average 0.6°C  0.7°C above 1961-90 average
Year to date: 1.8°C  1.8°C above 1961-90 average 0.8°C  0.8°C above 1961-90 average
Average temp last 7 days:  1.4°C
Average winter temp:6  2.8°C  2.3°C above 1961-90 average
Deg. days M/Y:7 363/1926 +2%/-11%
 Wind from N N
2.1 m/s
1.8 m/s m/s

0 Beaufort
Light Breeze
 10 Min. Average: 0.8 m/s
 60 Min. Average: 0.1 m/s
120 Min. Average: 0.3 m/s
Rain Today: 0.0 mm
Rain Rate /hr: 0.0 mm
Max RR /hr: 0.0 mm
Yesterday: 2.0 mm
This Month: 12 mm  12 mm below 1961-90 average
Year to date: 50 mm  18 mm below 1961-90 average
Y to date 2007-17: 59 mm  9 mm below 1961-90 average
10 rain days in February
27 rain days this year
Max Gust Evapotranspiration(ET) FWI
Today: 3.6 m/s  @ 05:22
Month: 18.5 m/s @ 12. Feb
Year: 18.5 m/s @ 12. Feb
7 days rain: 8.0 mm
7 days ET5: 3.9 mm
7 days +/-: + 4.1 mm  4.1 mm water in excess of what evaporated in last 7 days.
Fire Weather Index: LOW
Today: 0.0 of 1004
Humidity & Barometer Almanac Day/Moon light
Humidity: 79 %
Dew Point: 0.3°C Increased 1.5°C since last hour
Barometer: 1027.4 hPa Falling 0.6 hPa/hr
Baro Trend: Falling slowly
Sunrise:  07:20
Sunset:  17:30
Moonrise:  10:08
Moonset:  00:01
10:09:38 +4:34 m:s
3:12:56 h:m:s
Waxing Crescent  41% Illuminated
UV Index Solar Radiation Sunshine
Actual: 0.6  Low 
Today highest: 0.8 @  11:51
Expected Max: 0.8  Low 
Actual: 399 W/m2 (111%)
Today highest: 438 @  12:37
Today: 04:40 hrs.
Yestday: 01:28 hrs.
4 Updated at 13:00       5 Estimated amount of water needed to replace the water used by plants and evaporation from the past week.       6 Winter months are Dec, Jan and Feb      7 Deg. days Month/Year: 1st May to 30st Apr compared with data from 2007 to 2017
  Weather Forecast from
 WU Weather Forecast  -   Outlook Thursday & Thursday Night
Abundant sunshine
Abundant sunshine
WU forecast: Abundant sunshine. Continued cold. High 2C. Winds light and variable.
Local station forecast : Delvist skyet med mindre temperatur ændring.
Thursday Night
Clear skies
Clear skies
WU forecast: Clear skies. Hard freeze expected. Low around -5C. Winds light and variable.
 WU Short Term Weather Forecast
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Friday Night
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
Partly cloudy skies
Partly cloudy skies
Saturday Night
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy skies
Partly cloudy skies
Sunday Night
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
Monday Night
Bitterly cold
Bitterly cold
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
Tuesday Night
Bitterly cold
Bitterly cold
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